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CricViz Study Reported on by Times of India

CricViz analysis features in the Times of India, focussing on how the Indian Premier League has the highest standard of T20 cricket in the world

With the IPL 2020 now well underway, The Times of India have published an article referencing a CricViz study completed in May, which concluded that the IPL is the highest standard of T20 cricket played anywhere in the world.

By comparing performance data from over 4500 different players across different leagues CricViz are able to assess the relative difficulty of that league. For instance, if a player does well in a certain league, and then struggles in another, you can infer that the standard of the first league was higher. By using such a large sample size, a clear picture starts to emerge and the T20 leagues around the world can be ranked with confidence.

One of the main surprises from the conclusions drawn from the original article is that five of the eight main domestic T20 leagues are of a superior average quality than a typical T20 international game.

The original article, written by CricViz analyst Freddie WIlde, and follow up article from the Times of India delve into the many factors which drive the conclusions made in the study.

Read the original article here and the Times of India follow up article here.


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