This is the gold-standard in modern cricket analytics, combining the world’s biggest and best cricket database with the expertise of our team of analysts and data scientists.

CricViz offer the services of one of our expert analysts, supported by our data science team in London, to work for teams and alongside coaches. Our analysts have experience working around the world and combine their cricket intelligence with the power of the CricViz database and our advanced models.

Our analysts provide an unrivalled service that harnesses analytical detail and a deep understanding of the game. CricViz analysts can work on-site or remotely and are available both in-season and off-season depending on requirements.

The CricViz Analyst service includes the delivery of customised reports and match preview and review packs. These packs are the distillation of rigorous research and are brought to life by CricViz’s renowned visualisations


This is market-leading analysis delivered in report format to teams to provide a competitive advantage. These documents are built by CricViz Analysts who combine the power of the database and their cricket intelligence to produce cricket’s most comprehensive analytical reports. CricViz’s reports can broadly be split into tournament previews, match previews, match reviews and season reviews. The content of these reports is broken down into a menu offering, detailing different sections which can be included or excluded at the client’s discretion.


Access to the CricViz Platform revolutionises the work of analysts by enhancing the depth and quality of data available and significantly improving efficiency. CricViz can provide access to the world’s most extensive cricket database via logins to our unique and unrivalled search engine the CricViz Query Tool. The Query Tool is the most powerful cricket database in the world. It combines historical scorecard, rich ball-by-ball and ball tracking data. Furthermore, the Query Tool enables access to advanced fielding data and access to our world-renowned models and analytical tools.

Data is ingested into the Query Tool live for all international cricket and major domestic T20 cricket around the world and straight into our archive which contains more than 15 million balls and more than 100,000 matches. The Query Tool has been meticulously designed to enable the ease of processing and filtering vast quantities of data. The Query Tool also provides cutting-edge visualisation capability enabling the user to visualise large quantities of data in familiar graphics.

Access to a CricViz Analyst has given me a competitive advantage as a coach. Whether it is data provision or more advanced analysis CricViz is an essential part of our strategy process, ranging from player recruitment all the way through to detailed match-day planning.

Andrew McDonald, Melbourne Renegades coach 2017-2019


Player recruitment is arguably the most important part of a team’s season. Titles are often not won and lost on the pitch but in glitzy function rooms as players are allocated to competing teams. At CricViz we recognise the defining significance of player recruitment to long-term success in domestic competitions and as a result provide a bespoke and specialised service focussed entirely on player auctions and drafts. This support can range from the building of customised player rankings by our team of expert data scientists to an on-site analyst present at the team draft table. CricViz auction and draft support and the combination of our advanced data and cricket intelligence provide teams with the edge required to build not only a title-winning squad but a squad who can produce sustained success.


At CricViz we recognise the value of flexibility in the services that we deliver and understand the importance of responding to the specific needs and requests of teams, coaches and players to help improve decision making and execution. Whether it is building specific models for your team, a long-term analytics partnership or specific player reports to discuss any of your needs please get in touch.


Our unrivalled database, expert team and world-leading analysis can provide your team with a competitive advantage, maximising the potential of your squad and help take them closer to victory. Please get in touch with us to learn more about how we can power your team towards sustained success.